Solution & Strategy for the Electronic Payment Industry

Clearing & Settlement reconciliation

B-CEPHAL reconciliation is a module for controlling your monetic flows, based on the B-CEPHAL platform

The reconciliation will allow you to control the flows in a complex monetic environment:

- Multiple products (debit, credit, prepaid, ...)

- Multiple networks (Visa, MasterCard, ...)

- Multiple activities (issuing, acquiring, ...)

- Multiple users departments (retail, corporate, private, affiliates, ...)


The benefits for our clients are multiple:

- Control of the flows

- Automatic control of balances

- Tasks automations (write-off, chargebacks, ..)

- Intern and extern fraud protection

- Evolutions adaptability (new network or products)

- Knowledge acquisition

The reconciliation solution will allow you to:

- Load the clearing and settlement flows

- Load the reports from the payment networks

- Load the accounting information

- Reposition the financial information is specific accounts used for flows modelling

- Proceed to regular accounts controls

- Reconcile accounts to be balanced

- Generate the profit and losses records

- Follow the accounts saldo over the time

- Identify issues and exceptions