Solution & Strategy for the Electronic Payment Industry

Data Analytics in Cards & Payment

B-CEPHAL  'forecast and profitability' is a module for monitoring your monetic activity, whatever the complexity.

- Multiple products (debit, credit, prepaid, ...)

- Multiple networks (Visa, MasterCard, ...)

- Multiple activities (issuing, acquiring, ...)

- Multiple users departments (retail, corporate, private, affiliates, ...)



The benefits of B-CEPHAL are multiple:

- Identify high and low performances products

- Following of unit costs per provider in the long term

- Identification of issues

- Forecast Analysis on operational and financial data

- Reporting in "managemlent" format

- Light and easy to deploy solution


The forecast and profitability solution will allow to:

- Load operational and financial data

- Reposition the financial information is specific accounts used for monetic flows modelling

- Ensure automatic data allocation

- Generate financial and operational forecasts (considering growth expectations and seasonalities)

- Provide regular reports on costs and profitability

- Provide reports to be used for issues resolutions


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